We love to wear our boots through autumn, winter and into spring. They look great, keep us warm and protect us from the elements. However, everyday wear and harsh weather can start to take its toll on our leather boots, so it’s important to look after them.

Do your boots need some TLC?

With the right product care, it’s easy to get your boots looking as good as new again. Our leather creams, polishes and sprays can all help keep your boots looking their best, and with love and care, your Duo boots should last many seasons. 

“Balla” brogue ankle boots are a favourite with the team at DuoBoots.. Toni, from the Marketing Team decided to give her pair some much needed (and overdue!) attention. As you can see, the leather had become a bit dry and lacklustre. As leather is a natural product, this is completely normal; all they need is a generous helping of leather cream to bring them back to glory!

How to revive your boots

WOLY leather cream (available in store or online) is a great way to give your boots a new lease of life. Using a clean cloth, gently rub the cream into the leather, and you should start to see a difference straight away. The colour will become richer and the leather will become smoother and more supple. 


Hey presto… once done, your boots will look smooth, shiny and beautifully rich!  

How to help your boots last longer…

1. Store your boots with care!

Stand your boots upright with boots trees inside (available to buy here). Do not store your boots in plastic bags as they can cause the leather to “sweat”.

2. Rest between wears: natural leathers need time to breathe, so alternate your footwear to give your boots a chance to rest.

3. Keep an eye on your heel tips: with continued wear you may need to visit the cobbler to replace heel tips and soles.

Feeling inspired to revive your boots? Whether your boots are suede, leather or nubuck, you’ll find just what you need to nourish, polish and protect your boots in our product care collection.

See our FAQs for further product care advice, including tips on protecting patent leather, animal hair leather, suede and nubuck.