British Designed Slim Calf Boots

Finding slim or narrow calf boots to fit you beautifully in a great style you can’t wait to put on has always been something women with slender legs have struggled with.  The high street generally only offers one calf size per style, and whilst this can vary a little, they rarely fit properly if your calves happen to be even a little bit smaller than the boot shaft. If boots are too wide around the calf and top, they don’t look good; they often sag, flap and rub making them both uncomfortable and unattractive.

Years ago, our founders, Ted and Muffy Maltby understood this only too well. They couldn’t buy boots in more than one calf size per style, so they were unable to send slim-legged customers away in boots that fitted properly.  They took on the challenge of designing a range of classic boots that would fit women of all sizes in whichever style they chose. These were the beginnings of DuoBoots, and since then the boots and brand have been developed and become what we are today - offering beautiful, classic, quality boots in a choice of calf sizes, to fit you like a glove and put a smile on your face.

A choice of calf sizes

If you have narrow calves, you may have wondered if knee high boots were for you. With gaping around the top and saggy leather hanging round your ankles, there’s not much chance of you feeling amazing! DuoBoots’ mission is to help you to look and feel lovely in our so our narrow calf boots, which is why all our slim calf boots start at a tiny 30cm circumference. That’s 6cm smaller than the high street standard, which is the difference between fitting beautifully...and not! They go up in 2cm increments from there.

When designing boots, we do a lot of fit testing. Styles are adjusted and re-adjusted to offer silhouettes to suit different leg shapes and different leg-ankle combinations. We design styles with a narrow ankle which follow the curve of the leg, others have a slightly wider ankle and a straight cut leg meaning they are less fitted on the leg whilst others are wider again meaning they have an altogether more relaxed look and feel. Choosing styles to fit your narrow calves in the way you like best is dependent on the feeling you prefer – a snug fit, or more loose-fitting fit.  Slim legged boot customers often find trying on boots that fit the leg closely for the first time feels unfamiliar, but it only takes a minute or two to get used to the feeling, and once you look in the mirror and understand this is how great fitting boots should feel... you’ll be delighted! It’s simply that boots you have had before haven’t fitted well, so the feeling of a boot that fits all the way down the leg is unfamiliar.

To find out more about each of our narrow fitted boots, please go to the fit notes which you will find on every product page:

Choosing slim calf boots to fit should be easy, yet for some reason most manufacturers don’t offer their customers that choice. If rings or bras only came in one size... there would be a revolution!! Luckily, our boot legs are fitted in 2cm increments. For narrow calves, you’ll be looking for sizes between 30cm – 36cm. 36cm is approximately the high street standard boot circumference. Calf size is the measurement around your calf at the widest point when measured with your foot flat on the floor. See our Fit Guide if you need more help.

Because everyone’s legs are different, we offer styles with individual fit features depending on which of our ‘lasts’ it is crafted on. As well as ankles being slim, standard or relaxed, boot heights are either mid-calf, knee-high or over-the-knee, with variations within those to suit longer or shorter legs. For information on how each product fits, we supply fit notes on each product page:


Ankle Boots

Whilst we don’t do narrow foot boots or ankle boots as such, our ankle boots’ toe shapes affect how they fit, so if you are looking for a standard or slim/narrow foot, the pointed and almond shaped toe styles in our standard fit will work best for you.

At DuoBoots we design boots for you to wear for every part of your day; whether you’re after slim calf boots with high heels to wear out for dinner, or slim calf boots with low heels to run for trains, buses or planes. Slim calf styles with chunky soles are great, practical wear for days out with the family or a walk with your four-legged friend, and seasonal shades will complement your wardrobe to keep you feeling chic for social get-togethers.

Styling is an aspect of our boots we relish. The details on our boots reflect the latest trends without being unwearable, bling or gauche. Slim calf boots with fringing, slim calf boots with buckles, slim calf boots with tassels... no matter what appears on the catwalks each season we reflect these in a wearable and accessible way.

We want all women, all over the world to be able to wear boots if they want to, so whatever your shape or size, and wherever you live, take a look at our latest collection. . We ship slim calf boots almost everywhere from Sweden to South Africa, Ireland to India. If you’d like to talk about how styles fit before you buy, please call one of our style and fit experts. Our in-house team have tried on almost everything so are perfectly placed to answer any questions on how they fit and feel, and they know just what to ask you to help find just the right style and fit you are looking for, so you can feel completely confident buying footwear online.

If you live in the UK or are visiting, be sure to put our store at 33 Milsom Street, Bath on your itinerary. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and the very best service. We love what we do, and we’d love to help -whatever style, size or shape boots you need. Please pop in.